Cencio Roadsters - built in the Phillipines

Built by Cencio Turla for US servicemen based in the Phillipines in the 70's, the word was that you would supply a suitable American vehicle which he would rebody/modify to create the Duesenberg/Rolls/Royce looking roadster.

These were brought back to the USA over the years, but some are in Europe, - mainly Germany.

If you do a search for "Cencio Roadster" on Google you will see a few pop up.




One place they are briefly mentioned is the AllCarIndex at https://www.allcarindex.com/production/philippines/cencio-sons/

This simple website is for Cencio owners and enthusiasts to share information and photo's on these vehicles, and hopefully to find out how many of them are still out there.

Please note that I am no expert on this brand, and I am not making any money or gain from this website.

I would welcome any information, photo's, views, stories etc from current or past Cencio owners, especially about the Cencio "production" line and experiences of clients who had their vehicles modified by Cencio, which I will be posting here for all to see.

 If you wish to participate in any way please send me an email - jb at mbiusa.com


This is how it started for me -

   I had never heard of Cencio but noticed an ad in Craiglist, went to have a look and drove home what you see below. She had been pretty badly cut about, fenders gone, rumble rear end cut off, windshield cut etc.

Wooden boat tail

Moved on to aluminium / steel boat tail rear end

Chopped doors for more air

Registered as a 1968 "Cenci" in California, it was originally a 1958 Chevy Impala, with a 283ci small block and 2 speed Powerglide

Has been replaced with Chevy 350ci crate engine with a Turbo 350 3 speed auto




Robert Westcotts Origins of the Cencio and Cencio Turla

Here is the story in Roberts words -  "I was stationed at Clark AB from 1968-1969 and designed the first roadster that Cencio built. It kept me busy when I was off duty and Cencio and I became good friends. Just thought I would get in contact with you and let you know where the whole thing started."       Thank you Robert for this interesting information!





Rick Fulton's Cencio (1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II)

These are a few rare photos of the shop in the Phillipines where Cencio worked his magic, and also shows Cencio presenting the keys of the finished vehicle to Rick Fulton in mid 1982