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           MBI-USA Sales and RMA / Returns policy 
Our minimum order size is $100.00.  
It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify the accuracy of shipments and invoices. - Any discrepancy must be communicated in writing to MBI-USA within 3 (three) calendar days of receipt. 
After 10 days of purchase no refunds, credit memo's only. 
After 30 days of purchase all sales are final and no refunds or credits will be issued.  
Returns for credit or refund are subject to a 30% restocking fee. 
A Return Material Authorization number (RMA) is required in order to return any reported defective product, it is needed for tracking and billing purposes, this RMA number must be clearly written on the box before returning it. Any product received which does not have an RMA number will not be accepted. 
If the product has been determined to be defective, please ask for an "RMA Request Form", (or click on link and print the form) so that your request can be processed, and if valid, approved and returned to you with an RMA number. 
(Please note:- When filling in the RMA request form, supply as much information as possible, especially the reason for return - An RMA # will not be issued if it states: “DOA”, ”Won't work”, “Bad” or “Defective”, etc. )
MBI-USA must receive all returned product(s) within 14 days from the date the RMA number is issued, for international clients this period is extended to 21 days.  
Please note:- Returns received after the stipulated period will be refused. 
Repair or replacement of defective or non-functional product is at the sole discretion of the MBI-USA. Any product returned as defective or non-functional that tests "No Trouble Found" is subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee. Items returned because of a mistake in ordering of correct type, application, or returned because no longer required are also subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee  -  No refunds on any shipping charges.
The warranty shall be null and void if the product or its original materials and packaging has been modified, is used or stored in a manner which adversely affects its performance or appearance, or has been subjected to physical damage, mishandling, mis-use, after-market modifications, missing parts or if the warranty seals are broken. 
The warranties are based on original invoice date. RMA's that MBI-USA may issue do not extend the warranty period. 
All returns must be packaged with a minimum of two inches of foam, peanuts, or bubble pack on all six sides of each item, - damage due to improper packaging will void the warranty, and / or any claim for credit / refunds.  
Return shipments should be pre-paid, and insured for freight damage or loss of product during return, and are the sole responsibility of the customer. 
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